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Tefal Steam Iron with Spray Function 2200 Watts - FV3910MO

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the description:

Renew your clothes quickly and efficiently with the Tefal Steam Iron with a powerful 2300 Watts of spray feature. It is easy to use and features an advanced Durilium soleplate that ensures a smooth glide on your clothes. This steam iron is equipped with a non-drip feature to keep your clothes clean, while the continuous steam output helps remove creases effortlessly. This iron is equipped with a 2200W motor that speeds up the ironing process, which helps you save a lot of time. Furthermore, this steam iron features a precision tip specially designed to provide you with additional assistance to simplify ironing. This iron comes with an easy-to-fill water tank that makes it easy for you to use.


Quick and easy ironing

Advanced Durilium Technology

Anti-splash feature

Steam outlets help prevent calcification

Equipped with an easy-to-fill tank

Tefal steam iron

advanced technology

You can complete the process of ironing your clothes easily and quickly with the Tefal steam iron. It is equipped with an advanced Durilium technology soleplate that provides a smooth glide over your clothes, helping you complete your ironing tasks quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it has excellent scratch resistance, making it ideal for use when ironing difficult areas such as zippers.

Tefal steam iron

strong performance

The Tefal Steam Generator Iron is powered by an energy-efficient 2200W motor that ensures you a high level of performance. It provides an optimum diffusion of steam throughout the iron allowing for high efficiency ironing. It has a continuous steam of 35g/min, which can even reach 110g/min, which will help you get rid of the toughest creases quite easily.

Tefal steam iron

Easy to use

This Tefal iron is designed with precision and provides you with ease of use. The anti-drip function prevents water from spilling onto your clothes during ironing, keeping the fabrics clean and beautiful. This steam iron also features an automatic steam function that adjusts the temperature and steam flow according to the type of fabric, ensuring its safety.

Tefal steam iron

Made to last

This Tefal steam iron has been designed with great care, making it easy to maintain. It is made using high quality materials which makes it durable and long lasting. Furthermore, this steam iron has an anti-calc function, which makes cleaning your iron easy and hassle-free.

228.11 SAR
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