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Stand Mixer 5 Liter IMPEX 3305

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349.77 SAR
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Cooking is a visual love mode, when you enjoy its attractive look. Impex offers a stylish and modern stand mix for your kitchen. Provides appliances from us, inspired by life. Except we don't just want you to look at them, we want you to feel them. Because food always makes everything better and just in case you need it

to the reminder. Make food become a satisfaction when using

The right kitchen gadgets, because every food tells a story! perfect combination

For a lip-smacking taste, every meal turns into a feast with the Impex SM-3305 Stand Mixer with

The following features


■5 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl

■ 1000 Watt Power

■ 8 speeds with pulse

Spl Dust Proof Splash Guard

■ Additional protection for motors

■ Starter Soft reduces

b SplatterStrong dough hook and tempered

Casting shield cover

proof dust splash cove

basic One basic unit

■ C-hook dough

B flat beater

■ 6- wire whip

349.77 SAR
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