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Sahem split air conditioner 18000 BTU - cold shm-18ssc

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Specifications of Sahem Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU - Cold:

  • Actual capacity: 17300 units
  • low noise
  • Perfect air distribution
  • R410a تبريد Refrigerant Gas
  • Good energy saver
  • high cooling speed
  • High operating efficiency
  • Powerful long-range airflow
  • Powerful High Efficiency Compressor
  • Easy to clean air purifier filter
  • Annual energy consumption: 3780 kWh

additional information

Type: Arrow split air conditioner 18000 BTU - cold

Brand: Arrow

Model: SHM-18SSC-A

the color is white

Type: split

Air conditioner volume: 18000 units

Actual cooling capacity: 17,300 units

AC Air Classification: Cold

Air direction: perfect air distribution

Energy Efficiency Level: D

Electricity type: 1 phase / 230 volts / 60 Hz

Comprehensive Warranty: Two years

Compressor warranty: 5 years

Country of Origin: China

Agent: Modern Future Share Company

Category: air conditioners

1,782.50 SAR 1,955 SAR
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