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Nikai 5.1 Channel Home Theater System, NHT6600BT

Quantity is limited

575 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Allows you to set up the speaker in an easy and quick way to set up high-quality sound in your home

Bring the joy of the system into your home and music collection

Compatible with DVD / VCD / CD / MP3 / MPEG4 / CD-R

LED display

Power Output: 220-240V

Subwoofer: 50W with 18W

Front, center and surround sound: 30W x 5

It contains a radio

AUX audio input

USB support

  • HDMI input support
  • bluetooth connection

Take your entertainment experience to another level with the Nikai 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Home Theater System. The home theater system comes with a convenient remote control with a set of buttons to navigate through the menus. The speakers deliver excellent bass for an immersive entertainment experience. The system includes a built-in FM radio to access various radio channels. The LED screen will enable you to view the details and adjust the system settings as per your need. The speakers are available in a compact design for easy placement anywhere in the living room.

Durable and classic design

The Nikai speakers feature a stylish and attractive design that is sure to decorate the interiors of your home. The speakers and subwoofer in this system are built from high quality and extremely durable materials.

Combined with excellent sound quality and exceptional connectivity:

The Nikai 5.1 channel headphones come with a subwoofer that delivers excellent bass sound. You can now adjust the sound of your favorite movies and games to enjoy exceptional sound quality. Five speakers deliver surround sound to deliver an immersive music experience. You can now enjoy a great listening experience directly from the playlists on the flash memory thanks to the USB connection technology. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity technology will enable you to stream your favorite music directly from your mobile phone on this Nikai 5.1 channel home theater system. You can also browse different radio channels thanks to the built-in FM radio. In addition to the SD card connection, you can play songs stored on the memory card.

User-friendly experience:

The Nikai home theater system comes with a versatile remote control with various buttons to adjust the settings as per your need. In addition to the digital LED screen that displays the required details without any mess.

575 SAR
One comment

خضيري الخضيري

7 months ago

ماشاءالله ممتازه وتدخلك جو الفلم اذا كان مضبوط صوته ويدعم 5.1 ، لاتفوتكم اذا تبون شي كويس ورخيص، والا فيه افضل في 2000 وكذا

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