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Luna LEH-2000 PTC Wall Ceramic Electric Heater With Remote

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233.91 SAR 275.31 SAR
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the description:

• Luna Wall Ceramic Electric Heater with Remote • Remote Control • LED Display • Wall - Voltage Timer.

additional information

Luna ©

Always on top aan Lagist

Wall Mounted Wall Heater

Cold/warm/hot wind to choose

1 wide angle automatic vibrating nozzles

✓ Overheating Protection

✓ Wall-mounted or table-mounted for choice

/Electric source indicator light

LED display and 7.5 hour timer

with remote control

BS plug with fuse

Unit size: 610 x 155 x 233 mm


2000 watts

AC 220V

50/60 Hz

233.91 SAR 275.31 SAR
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عبدالعزيز عبدالله القحطاني

1 year ago

وين موقعكم
توصون لأبها


General Agent Center Store

1 year ago

نعم , لدينا توصيل من جدة لكل المدن والقرى التي تصلها شركتي سمسا و ارمكس

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