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Krypton KNGC6034 Gas Burner 2 Burners - Silver

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103.50 SAR 138 SAR
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Describe :

Krypton Stainless Steel Double Gas Burner - Add the efficiency, perfection and elegance of this Krypton Dual Burner Gas Stove to your kitchen. It not only fulfills all your culinary needs but also makes cooking an enjoyable experience for you. Stove knobs are ergonomically designed for comfortable use and improved efficiency. The Krypton gas hob is designed to avoid gas leakage, giving you the ultimate in safety. Its compact design makes it perfectly suitable for your kitchen by taking up less space and adding more facilities. Designed to avoid gas leakage to give you a safe and efficient cooking experience. The stove's compact design saves you plenty of space on your worktop.


silver color

Weight 5 kg

stainless steel material

Krypton brand

Model KNGC6034

Type gas stove

Product dimensions 72 x 59 x 10 cm

Low burner gas consumption provides an even flame in all directions with efficient heat all the time while consuming less LPG.

Drip trays are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

Highlights High fuel efficiency and improved gas flow

103.50 SAR 138 SAR
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