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Koolen Vertical Steam Iron Model 803.104.002

209.76 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 1

Koolen Vertical Steam Iron

You can use the steam iron on all types of fabrics, even light ones, without having to worry about burning them

This is because it contains programs to be used according to the type of clothing

Product Description

  • Adjustable and detachable shaft
  • Removable transparent water tank, capacity: 1300 ml
  • built-in hanger
  • Contains a brush for fabrics
  • Elegant design and add a sense of modernity to your home
  • Steam hose with a thickness of 5 mm to protect from heat during use

Product details

  • Voltage 220~240
  • 50~60 Hz
  • Watt 1500

209.76 SAR
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