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IMPORTANT Front Loading Dryer 8K Condenser HDR80NS-19N

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Brand: important

Version: HDR80NS

the color is white

Type: front loading

Size: (kilo) 8

Drying method (steaming / condensing / automatic): condensing

Number of programs: 16

Wrinkle blocker: Yes

Additional Description : Drain without draining with a condensing system - Baby clothes care program - Impurity filter - Delaying the start of drying up to 12 hours - Drying temperature control - Stainless steel tub - Drying tank temperature safety to preserve clothes - Moisture sensing to reach the ideal drying point Antifouling - Child lock - Dimensions: width 61.5 * depth 59.5 * height 84.5

Energy Efficiency Level E

Device Warranty 2

Industry: China

1,483.50 SAR 1,782.50 SAR
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