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Impex TS 81 Multimedia Trolley Speaker

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414 SAR 509.45 SAR
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  • Impex speaker systems provide an incredibly powerful and realistic audio experience, and are engineered from the ground up to perform in the real world of sound. Regardless of whether you are performing or listening, we are here to design and deliver a series of high quality loudspeaker systems. So you can have an indelible audio experience forever.
  • Enjoy sound quality like never before with the Impex TS81 Portable Multimedia Speakers Enjoy loud and clear music pulsing across the room through these powerful speakers. The total output power is 50 Watts per second, with a sleek, polished finish. These speakers feature an attractive design with a glossy finish that blends beautifully with the modern interiors of your living room. The amplifiers are compatible with many digital devices
  • You can connect through USB, Bluetooth, SD, MMC, etc. FM radio is also available to enjoy live music. Partying doesn't mean playing the sound out loud, you need to connect the music with the acoustic environment and reverberate in the ears. So you need a good party speaker. The Impex TS81 Party Speaker comes with state-of-the-art sound technology. Ensures maximum reliability, superior portability and incredible sound fidelity.
  • 50W Portable Multimedia Speaker with Wireless VHF Microphone and LED Lighting Wireless Connection and USB/TF/FM/BT/AUX Function with Full Function Support Remote, Wheel and Knobs Battery: 12V, 2.6Ah Speaker: 12 Speakers inch
  • 2-year warranty, call +966541463161

the description:

  • Brand : Impex
  • Color : Black
  • Port Type : Multi
  • Number of Pieces : 1
  • Speaker Type : Outdoor Speakers
  • Connectivity Technology : Wired/Wireless
  • Compatible with : Multi
  • Model Number : TS 81
  • Shape : Oval
  • Dancing Light -Dj effect
  • Karoke Speaker
  • Portable Trolley speaker

414 SAR 509.45 SAR
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وليد الموسى

10 months ago

الصوت ضعيف جداً ومضخمات الصوت سيئه ولاتعكس قوت المنتج 50 واط علما بأن لدي منتج آخر 25 واط افضل منه من ناحيه نقاوه وقوه الصوت

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