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Impex Steam Iron with Non-Stick Coating IBS 401

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  • Home is not only important, but everything, and because every moment in the home is precious, Impex offers a wide range of home appliances that come with modern technology and elegant designs, we focus on providing elegant products that combine innovative technology with energy efficiency, and because every A home is a place to spread happiness, we love to make it.
  • Impex is famous for its good performance and quality that guarantees a long life while maintaining unparalleled distinction, the Impex steam iron comes in a combination of red and white colors that give it a classy look. Quick from start to finish. This Impex steam iron features 1250W heating technology that helps you finish faster than ever before. The non-stick coated base enriches its elegant appearance and makes it a worthy choice.
  • Features: ■ Stylish and dry iron ■ Self-cleaning feature removes deposits and impurities from the water, helping to maintain the iron for a long time ■ Non-stick coated soleplate ■ Impex iron with a special non-stick coating for good gliding and comfort of use ■ Precision tip for ease of use Ironing under the buttons ■ The steam function enables you to straighten even the toughest creases
  • ■ Vertical steam function to clean hanging clothes ■ Rotating cord helps you iron with ease ■ Automatic thermostat technology controls the temperature automatically ■ Equipped with 6 temperature settings ■ Lightweight and ergonomic ■ Shockproof plastic body
  • ■ Rotating cord 180 inches long ■ Input power 1250 watts ■ Provides continuous steam output and provides you with convenient ironing ■ Pilot lamp and adjustable thermostat for different fabrics ■ Impex UAE warranty for two years

Additional information

• Volts: 220-240V

• Frequency: 50/60Hz

• Power: 1200 watts

• Non-stick

• Water mist function

• Long mother thermostat

• 5 temperatures

40.25 SAR 57.50 SAR
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