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Ham Split Air Conditioner Gold (WiFi) 22000 Cool HM24CSM21WF

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2,280 SAR 2,990 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 1

Characteristics Description

Brand important

Version HM24CSM21WF

the color is white

Indoor unit dimensions (width x depth x height) 108 * 22.6 * 33.5

Outdoor Unit Dimensions (W x D x H) 94.6 * 41 * 81

cool type

Size with capacity 22000

24 . cooling capacity

Rotary compressor type

Energy Efficiency Level D

four-way distribution

Additional Description Golden feathers for the indoor unit - Wi-Fi technology - FOLLOW ME feature - Sleep mode - AC on/off timer - Save and restore settings - Rapid cooling feature (Turbo) - Self-diagnosis - High-density filter - Self-cleaning - Restart Automatic - LED display - Freon leak detector - Anti-icing - Memory to save the position of the air diffuser - Drain hose on both sides - Manual start button

Device Warranty 2

5 . compressor warranty

compressor industry in china

industry china

2,280 SAR 2,990 SAR
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