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Flexi Home Theater 5 Speakers 1500 Watts FHT560HD

Limited time offer

454.83 SAR 524.40 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Home Theater Flexi 5 Speakers 1500 Watts Allows you to set up the speaker in an easy and quick way to set up high quality sound in your home Bring the joy of the system to your home and music collection

Brand: Flexy

?Home Theater System

? 4 stand speakers

?1 main casting speaker

? sap and save

? DVD player

? Attractive lighting

? wireless microphone

? The ability to connect the device via Bluetooth

? 1500 watts headphones

? Memory Card Slot

? USB input

?Remote control to control

? LED lighting

?FM Radio

? karaoke

? Stylish and attractive shape

? 2 years warranty

454.83 SAR 524.40 SAR
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