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Fisher Split Air Conditioner 12600 BTU Hot and Cold - FSAC-FT12HERA


1,725 SAR 2,070 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 2


• Hot/Cold Split Air Conditioner

• Capacity: 12600 units

• Multiple fan speed

• Wide Angle Diffuser

• direction of air flow

• Comfortable sleeping position

• timer

• Turbo button

• a lock

• self-violation

• LED display

• Intelligent defrost

Drying process

• Removable grill

• Memory function

Environmentally friendly coolant: R410A

1,725 SAR 2,070 SAR
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One comment

Hashim Alghamdi

2 months ago

هل يوجد فوع لكم بالدمام او الحبيل


General Agent Center Store

2 months ago

متوفر توصيل سريع للمدن المذكورة استاذي

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