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Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Liter NC-506DC

Limited time offer

432.63 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Best selling Nadco electric pressure cooker

  • You can prepare many delicious meals
  • Meat, chicken, fish, Hashi, Matazeez, cake and other delicious foods.
  • Equipped with a digital display to control the pot and multiple programs for cooking and heating.
  • In addition to the timer feature to control the start time of cooking. Up to 180 minutes
  • There is also an automatic storage feature to keep the food hot after cooking.
  • Equipped with a Tefal inner pot that is easy to clean, anti-scratch and non-stick.
  • And a safety valve to release the steam when the cooking process is finished.
  • Voltage: 220-240V, Frequency: 50-60Hz, Power: 1000W
  • 2 years warranty

432.63 SAR
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