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save 30 SAR

Dots Electric Stand Fan White TFS-A39

Quantity is limited

138 SAR 172.50 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 1

220-240V -50-60Hz 60W

• Size: 16 (40 cm)

• Full copper motor and five blade AS

. Low noise and running smoothly

. 3 speed control and 2-hour timer

Metal safety net cover and round fixed base

• Height adjustable 1.20-1.30 m

• A 2-meter exposed power cord is suitable

to use

• The angle can be adjustable and wind delivery

big space

220-240V-50-60Hz 60W

• Size: 16 (40cm)

• Full copper motor and Five AS blade

. Low noise and operate smoothly

. 3 speeds control & 2 hours timer

Metal safety net cover & Round steady base

• Adjustable height 1.20-1.30m

• Exposed 2m length power cord is convenient

for use

• Angle could be adjustable and deliver wind

with large area

138 SAR 172.50 SAR
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