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DLC-CM7316 . Capsule and Powder Coffee Machines

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3 in 1 coffee machine (Nespresso - Coffee - Dolce Gusto) ☕ from DLC It features controls for easy work of coffee with a unique and distinctive design and has a filter to filter the capsule. It is also suitable for use in homes, work offices and travel, and is compatible with any type of capsule.

product specification

◼️ Model: DLC-CM7316

◼️Color: black

◼️ Works on small and large capsules or ground coffee, which means 3 ways with one device

◼️ Elegant shape with light weight

◼️ Dimensions: length 28 cm x width 11.5 cm x height 25 cm

The system is resistant to heat and excessive pressure

◼️ Water tank capacity: 0.6 liters

◼️Safe and reliable with high temperature and overpressure system

3 in 1 coffee maker

◼️Removable transparent water tank

◼️Manual insertion and removal capsules

◼️Designed with anti function. Drip allows you to stop and pour coffee in the middle of its preparation without any mess, drips or leaks.

◼️Power on lights let you know the coffee maker is on and help remind you to turn it off when you're done

◼️ Rotating filter for easy removal and cleaning.

◼️ Power: 1450 Watts

◼️ Electricity: 220 volts

◼️ Frequency: 50/60 Hz

◼️ Attached is a manual for how to use it in Arabic and English

◼️ Warranty: Two years agent

308 SAR 393.30 SAR
One comment

مشرف الشهري

1 year ago

جيدة ورائعه في استخدام الكبسولات ولكن مع القهوة المطحونه لا انصح بها

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