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save 1100 SAR

Ceramic Free Standing Oven 5 Burners Electric 9AS 939

Quantity is limited

5,635 SAR 6,900 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 2


Vitroceramic cooking

Professional style 10/18 stainless steel cookware.

5 radiant zones (hi-light)

(1 duplex circular + 1 double oval + 1 circular)

Built-in oven

Electric Built-in Multifunction Oven

(9 positions including

'Just down' and 'Just up' cooking)

electronic programmer

(star/end of cooking)

indoor light

cooling fan

cooking fan

double door glass

Interior lighting


Tray, racks (2 pcs), grill-pn

with handles


flap type

5,635 SAR 6,900 SAR
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