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فرن ايطالي تجميع مصري ماركة كيون مقاس 60 * 90 سم c6090s3v-pc-511-s

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1,495 SAR 1,725 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Brand Keon

Color stainless steel

Fixed installation without bracing

gas type

Ignition type gas

Height in mm 85 cm

Width in millimeters 90 cm

Depth in millimeters 60 cm

Features we love

Unmatched design, this cooker has a sturdy structure without any sharp edges or nails in the cabinet itself or in the door, so you can clean the cooker easily and safely.

Auto Ignition For Faster Operation, Now you can operate Unionaire iSteel cooker with ease thanks to the auto ignition feature. Simply turn the auto ignition button with one hand and you will be able to operate the cooker with ease.

Safety Sensor, With Keon Steel, you don't have to worry about anything while cooking. This is thanks to the safety sensor that makes you feel completely safe during use.

Large Oven, Keon C6090SS-FC-511-IF Cooker comes with a large capacity, so you can prepare all kinds of food easily and without any effort. It is also very practical and easy to use, and you can easily control its settings, so this oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Oven interior light, The main oven of the cooker comes with a lamp at the back of the oven to easily watch the food while it is cooking.

Hot Air Distribution Fan, Now with Keon Steel, you will be able to serve the best grilled meat dishes and prepare delicious desserts thanks to the hot air distribution fan that is located inside the oven, this fan works to level the food with great quality by distributing the air inside the oven evenly to get great cooking results And quick.

1,495 SAR 1,725 SAR
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