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Arrow Vacuum Cleaner Gray 2000 Watts - RO-21V

Quantity is limited

184 SAR 230 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 4

Brand: Arrow

Color: gray

Power consumption: 2000 watts

Package weight in kg: 7.5

Tank capacity: 21 liters

Filled or without bags: packed

Wireless or wired: wired

Model Number: RO-21VA

Type: cylinder vacuum cleaner

Surface type: multi-surface

184 SAR 230 SAR
One comment


1 year ago

لو تكرمت بلد المنشأ ؟( الصناعة )؟ ومدة الضمان كم سنة؟


General Agent Center Store

1 year ago

الصين و ضمان سنتين

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