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Arrow Split AC 53000 BTU Cooling and Heating RO-60CLA-H

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RO-60CLA-H Air conditioner, Arrow wheel, 53,000 BTU - 6 Tons - Hot & Cold

  • Brand Name: Arrow.
  • White color
  • Model Number: RO-60CLA-H
  • heating cooling
  • Type: floor
  • double layer air louver
  • automatic cleaner
  • hidden LED display
  • 4D Air Flow
  • sleep mode
  • Anti-drip
  • 24 hours to turn on or off
  • Hydrophilic aluminum fins
  • Cooling capacity: 53,000 units

Why do you prefer Arrow wardrobe air conditioner 60000 BTU - hot/cold?

Turbo technology for air conditioner

Turbo technology for air conditioner

It operates the air conditioner fan at its maximum speed for a certain period of time, whether on the cold mode or on the hot mode, to cool or heat the room within a record time and very quickly

Moisture prevention function

When the air conditioner is set to the dehumidifying mode, the fan inside the air conditioner begins to work with other internal parts as the air passes through the air conditioner, which condenses the water vapor in it to release dry air into the room. Therefore, this mode is ideal at acceptable temperatures accompanied by extreme humidity.

Moisture-blocking function

automatic cleaning

automatic cleaning

The self-cleaning function prevents the growth of harmful microbes by removing the moisture inside the air conditioner and drying the interior. This function prevents rust in the evaporator coil

Hydrophilic aluminum fins

If the raw material of the heat exchanger is hydrophilic aluminum foil, it can improve the cooling efficiency by 5%, and it also has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, no odor, and also reduces noise caused by vibration.

Hydrophilic aluminum fins

6,999 SAR 8,625 SAR
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