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Dots portable evaporative cooler 200 watts 3 speeds 45 liters - TFC-BR02

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639 SAR 747.50 SAR
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Features of Dots desert air conditioner:

• Brand: Dots

• Model: TFC-BR02

• Type: portable evaporative cooler

• Easy to clean

• 3 speeds

• Capacity: 45 liters

• Easy to move from one place to another thanks to the flexible wheels

• Power: 200 Watts

• Cooling with water spray system

• two pieces of ice

• Suitable for an area of 30-40 meters

• The possibility of adjusting the air vane manually

And a frequency of 50/60 Hz from Dots,

Features a circulating sprinkler cooling system with a water pump

, auto swing left and right, manual adjustment of wind direction up and down,

639 SAR 747.50 SAR
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