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SAMSUNG Vacuum Cleaner 1600W SC4130

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Product Description

The 1600 Watts Vacuum Cleaner from Samsung SC4130 is a very powerful vacuum cleaner that allows you to clean your home perfectly. The low noise cleaner comes with a 360° swivel hose, brush attachment nozzle and dust removal brush, enabling thorough cleaning of the home. These brushes can be stored inside the vacuum cleaner body itself. The "Easy Dust Blow" function enables easy removal of debris and dust from hard-to-reach places. Equipped with two hanging systems that allow the tube to be attached to the cleaner during and after vacuuming. The on/off button and variable power control are in one position so you don't need to bend over every time you use this device. The bright red scrubber comes with a HEPA H11 foam bag that can hold a large amount of dirt.

physical features

material advantages

Main advantages

1.600 watts

Dust capacity: 3 liters

360 degree swivel hose

Automatic cord straightening feature

Easily blowing dust function

Easily blowing dust function

The 'Easy Blowing' function of the 1600 Watts Vacuum Cleaner SC4130 from Samsung allows you to remove dirt and dust even from hard-to-reach places. This function ensures that every corner of your home is completely clean and free of dirt.

Built-in accessory storage box

Built-in accessory storage box

The Samsung SC4130 1600W vacuum cleaner's built-in dusting and nozzles can be stored in the vacuum cleaner body itself. This feature makes it easy to store and access accessories in an instant.

Easily operate the device features with one touch

Easily operate the device features with one touch

Your feet can easily reach the on/off button and the variable power control of the Samsung SC4130 1600W Vacuum Cleaner. Conveniently placed button eliminates the need to bend over every time you use this device.

Two ways to hang the hose with the broom.

The Samsung SC4130 1600W Vacuum Cleaner's two hose attachment systems help easily attach the hose to the cleaner during and after use. The vacuum's hose attachment system prevents breakage in the back during and after cleaning.

299 SAR 345 SAR
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