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Arrow Fridge Freezer, 5 Cubic Feet, RO2-220L

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Arrow Double Door Refrigerator 5 Feet Specifications - White:

  • Net Capacity: 4.87 ft
  • Capacity: 138 liters
  • top freezer
  • defrosting
  • fast cooling
  • interior lighting
  • Defrost feature
  • Preserving the freshness of foods
  • Dimensions: 53 * 138 * 48 cm


the color is white

Type two door refrigerator

Capacity 5 cubic feet

Fast Cooling Yes

Interior lighting yes

material is metal

Additional feature Low noise

Country of Origin China

Comprehensive warranty two years

7 year compressor warranty

The agent is the modern future share company


Cooling and freezing Fresh foods for better health from Arrow

Arrow offers the best in advanced technology and comes with great features to enjoy fresh, healthy and delicious food that tastes great.

Fresh foods for better health from Arrow

Perfect cooling from Arrow

Perfect cooling from Arrow refrigerator

Refrigerators and freezers are equipped with excellent air cooling systems and an evaporator that prevents the formation of ice.

Keeps food fresh and maintains temperature to protect food and ensure its taste does not change.

High moisture retention technology

It's unique property locks in moisture to keep the internal temperature constant for great taste and always better health.

Eugene High Moisture Retention Technology

Modern and unique design from Arrow

Modern and unique design

The elegant design gives a clean, modern look that adds elegance to complement and enhance the décor of your kitchen interior.

It comes with a reverse door with magnetic door seal, wire shelves and a Crystal Crisper drawer with glass lid for added interior beauty.


759 SAR 1,150 SAR
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