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Arrow Insect Killer 4000 Volt LED Tube, RO-40IKTG

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149.50 SAR 230 SAR
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Arrow Insect Killer 4000 Volt LED Tube, RO-40IKTG

  • Work as a stylish decorative lighting
  • Extremely long working life
  • Attract more insects when lighting the room in fast mode
  • Best result when kept 50-100cm off the ground
  • No chemicals and environmentally friendly
  • ABS fireproof plastic material for high safety use
  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency

The most effective way to combat flying insects

Electronic fly killers are by far the most effective way to control these insects and reduce the risk of food contamination.

Arrow stocks a wide range of electric fly arresters for use by professionals or in commercial environments.

Pest control without pesticides and harmful chemicals

149.50 SAR 230 SAR
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