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Arrow Window Air Conditioner Hot and Cold RO-24WHT

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Arrow Window Air Conditioner - 2000 - 16100 - Cold / Hot - RO-24WHT

​Arrow Window Air Conditioner - 2000 - 16100 - Cold / Hot - RO-24WHT


  • After power off or in case of accidental power failure, ARROW A/C can keep and restore temperature and other settings, until it is turned on or the power supply is resumed.

Powerful cooling and heating

  • Equipped with compressors and motors made by famous manufacturers, able to bring you a great experience in no time.

Quiet operation

  • The ARROW A/C is designed with an ingenious operating mechanism, which reduces its noise, even allowing you to enjoy a cooled cooling space, despite the high heat outside.

high quality service

  • Adhering to the concept of "customer always comes first", we meet customer service demand through our continuous efforts and realize that "it is not necessary to provide service is the best service".

High efficiency inner copper tubes

  • With the new optimized inner trapezoidal copper tubes, the heating exchange area is increased, the heat exchange efficiency is improved, and the cooling (auditory) efficiency is improved.

Intelligent defrost

  • ARROW NC is available for automatic defrost. After defrosting is completed, it will automatically reflect on the heating process; Accordingly, it can not only fully guarantee the heating effect of the air conditioner, but also


  • Brand: Arrow
  • the color is white
  • Cooling capacity 20000 BTU
  • Heating capacity 16100 BTU
  • Filter Type: Silver Ion Filter
  • Shape: window
  • Model Number: RO-24WHT

1,322.50 SAR 1,725 SAR
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