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Arrow Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU Cooling Only RO-18SMC

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1,699 SAR 2,070 SAR
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Specifications of Arrow split air conditioner 18000 BTU-cold:

  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Sleep Mode - Timer Function
  • High cooling capacity
  • Golden fin for longer use
  • Air conditioner fan turbo function
  • Aluminum fan
  • Hydrophilic aluminum fins
  • Moisture repellent feature
  • High quality air filter
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R410a
  • Equipped with an effective evaporator to purify the air
  • Anti-drip feature
  • High voltage protection to ensure the safety of the air conditioner
  • Dimensions: 108 * 22.6 * 33.5 cm

Arrow Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU Cooling Only RO-18SMC

1,699 SAR 2,070 SAR
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