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Arrow Twin Tub Washing Machine 12 Kg White - RO-12TB

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Brand Name: ARROW

  • Manufacturer Number: RO-12TB
  • Capacity: 12 kg
  • the color is white
  • Material: mixed
  • Number of washing programs: null
  • Model Number : RO-12TB
  • Download type: Download from above

Best-in-class energy use Now enjoy savings on every wash. Thanks to the latest EER certification, this semi-automatic washing machine from Arrow guarantees best-in-class energy loading with moderate water consumption. Provides up to 45% energy savings (when compared to a one star rated washer) and 30% greater energy savings (when compared to a two star rated washer). DEEP CLEAN TO MAKE YOUR CLOTHES LIKE LIKE AS NEW Removes Toughest Stains InnoWash Turbo Pulsator technology enabled by 6-fin cylinder and micro jets simulates a power rubbing motion that removes the toughest stains with utmost care. Smart Wash Programs It is equipped with two different smart wash programs to meet all your washing needs. Use a gentle wash for light loads, and a regular wash for medium and hard loads like bed linens and towels. Long life High-quality ABS materials ensure long-lasting durability, making this machine resistant to moisture and rust. Best-in-class safety Keep you safe and secure with this IPX4-tested shock-resistant machine. Tested under water jet pressure to ensure no water or moisture seeps into the electrical parts, making it completely safe for you and your loved ones. Powerful Motor This machine has a powerful 1,350 rpm heavy-duty motor that has been endurance tested and engineered to deliver long, uninterrupted service. Stable performance during voltage fluctuations This device has been continuously tested for up to 2500 hours at extreme voltage fluctuations to ensure its stability under variable voltage conditions. Tested for Saudi Conditions This machine has been tested to withstand up to 90% humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations ranging from -40°C to +80°C. Uniquely qualified product.

699 SAR 812.82 SAR
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