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Arrow 12300 BTU Split Split Air Conditioner - White RO-12CBC-H

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  • Brand Name: Arrow.
  • White color
  • Model Number: RO-12CBC-H
  • heat and cold
  • Type: split system
  • double layer air louver
  • automatic cleaner
  • hidden LED screen
  • sleep mode
  • Anti-drip
  • 24 hours to turn on or off
  • Hydrophilic aluminum fins
  • Cooling Capacity: 12300 BTU
  • Heating capacity: 12300 BTU

silent mode

Air conditioning can reduce working noise by 1-3 dB and achieve a better environment

Long distance air supply

The longest air supply distance can reach 20 meters.

Efficient evaporator

The evaporator is one of the most important components and the main carrier to achieve the exchange of heating and cooling in the air conditioner. Other brands air conditioning mainly uses 3 bending type evaporator which is slow, noisy and waste. Arrow uses C-shaped evaporator, compared with ordinary evaporator, heat exchange area increased to 15-30%. At the same time, it avoids reverse blowing of air, increases the speed of cooling and heating by 12-25%. It effectively reduces the noise level. (Data from Changhong National Laboratory)

Tooth shaped inner groove copper tube

By adopting the modern high-efficiency tooth-shaped design, the inner copper screw technology to expand the space between the coolant and the copper, the heat exchange efficiency can be improved about 30-50

sleep mode

Sleep mode can keep the room temperature at a certain level and protect people from cold.

golden fin

Compared with traditional aluminum fin, gold hydraulic fin with very unique coating. The using life lasts longer with much better anti-corrosion property.

high voltage protection

The Arrow PCB (Power Circuit Board) has been upgraded to increase its ability to withstand voltage changes, thus ensuring safety against high voltages or power surges while ultimately enhancing the overall durability of the air conditioner.

uneven fan

Arrow AC uses uneven fan, scattered sound source, less resonance; Lower frequency, effectively lower noise, and obtain China's national patent..


Dust will be removed from the evaporator automatically by pressing a button on the remote control.

cold plasma

It is a device that ionizes air with simultaneous negative and high voltage electrodes. By ionizing the air, it can reduce dust, relieve stress and improve immunity.

3 in 1 filter

The filter is excellent dust removal efficiency, releasing beneficial physical and mental health of negative ions, such as early morning forest, refreshing, to protect family health, good breathing, good life.

Anti-Bacterial Filter

The filter is made of high-quality static fibers that can absorb fine particles and dust in the air, including pet dander and mildew. It also contains an environmentally friendly active ingredient that can maintain the best air quality.


The filter uses high pressure ionization technology and nanoelectronic cold catalyst dust collection technology. Then we can remove all kinds of dust, smoke and fog from the air. [Justice]

Auto cleaning

Automatic cleaning When the air conditioner is turned off, the fan will continue to run for 3 minutes, thus keeping the unit from mildew.

HD Dust Resistant Filter

The anti-dust filter will prevent dirt from penetrating into the air conditioner system, ensuring fresh and healthy air.

1,495 SAR 1,704.30 SAR
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