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Arrow Washing Machine Front Load Fully Automatic 9 Kg, Silver, RO-09GFS​

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1,400 SAR 1,725 SAR
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Specifications of Automatic Washing Machine 9 Kg Arrow Front Load Silver Inverter:

  • High Efficiency T5 Inverter Motor
  • Intelligent control with LED display
  • High Speed Steam Wash - Anti-Iron
  • Child Lock - Anti-vibration
  • Intensive Wash - Quick Wash - Night Wash - Heavy Wash
  • Extra Rinse - Mix Wash - Bacteria Removal
  • Preserve it from power outages
  • Energy saving
  • Washing options: Swing-Steps-Deep-Twist-Filter-Wobble
  • Dimensions 66 * 70 * 89 cm

Intelligent control with LED display

The front Arrow automatic washing machine has a distinctive LED display through which it is possible to control all the operating programs of the washing machine in an easy way and also control the settings of the washing machine, which makes the operation of the washing machine comfortable for the user and does not require much effort

Child lock

The front Arrow automatic washing machine has a lock to protect the washing machine against children and others, which makes the washing machine always safe as it closes all the controls of the washing machine in a smart way, making it work at a stable performance and to prove the effectiveness of its operation

Laundry options

Front Arrow Automatic Washing Machine features multiple washing modes that turn all clothes inside the washing machine in a smart way that allows strong cleaning of all fabrics, making clothes clean and removing the toughest stains (swing-steps-deep-turning-filtering-swaying)

Extra Rinse - Mix Wash

The Arrow automatic washing machine has an extra rinse function and a Mix Wash function that rinses clothes with clean water in the washing machine drum to expel water and dry clothes to keep people allergic to laundry detergents and Mix Wash removes the toughest stains by multi-washing clothes with high accuracy

1,400 SAR 1,725 SAR
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