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Arrow Washing Machine Front Load Fully Automatic 9 Kg, Silver, RO-09GFS​

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1,299.01 SAR 1,667.50 SAR
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Specifications of Automatic Washing Machine 9 Kg Arrow Front Load Silver Inverter:

  • High Efficiency T5 Inverter Motor
  • Intelligent control with LED display
  • High Speed Steam Wash - Anti-Iron
  • Child Lock - Anti-vibration
  • Intensive Wash - Quick Wash - Night Wash - Heavy Wash
  • Extra Rinse - Mix Wash - Bacteria Removal
  • Preserve it from power outages
  • Energy saving
  • Washing options: Swing-Steps-Deep-Twist-Filter-Wobble
  • Dimensions 66 * 70 * 89 cm

Big vision, let you easily

big screen control

Arrow washing machines come with a large LED display. You can easily take full control of a wide range of programs.

Better cleaning and more care

Unique cylinder system

The snowflake shaped drum design gives you a better cleaning result, as well as more protection for your laundry. Take more care of your clothes.

Exquisite design details

Outside the door ring covering bling bling window design, no dead ends, no residue, no need to clean, to prevent normal washing machine water, residual mildew and other problems. To the details of beauty, enough to conquer the times.

1,299.01 SAR 1,667.50 SAR
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