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Arrow Clothes Dryer 6 KG RO-06DR

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920 SAR 1,245.45 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Arrow Clothes Dryer 6 KG RO-06DR

  • Brand: Arrow
  • Capacity: 6 kg
  • Model: RO-06DR
  • 5 drying programs: cool air, anti-wrinkle, warm air, hot air, air dry
  • PTC heating element: dry clothes quickly and easily without overheating, ensuring maximum safety
  • Dual lint filter: prevents lint from gathering, saves energy and extends the service life of the dryer
  • Large door for easy loading/unloading
  • Heating selection: strong and weak
  • Wall Mount Kits Control
  • mechanical timer control
  • stainless steel sink

920 SAR 1,245.45 SAR
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