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Onyx Speaker 15W OTS 35

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Multimedia Onix Congratulations on your purchase of an ever-growing system. ONIX your taste for the finer things in life. Welcome to the ONIX family that reflects your decision to purchase a product


Already the hearts of many discerning customers with its excellent quality, superior reliability and excellent after-sales services ONIX

We are committed to making your life easier with innovative technologies. Our commitment is shown in all the products that are made, ONIX's

Take it out from the factory

that requires warranty services, you can use the warranty card that comes with ONIX in the event that a product malfunctions

This product


Experience audio like never before. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards and hope to provide you with many years of service on ONIX

Hassle free

You multimedia speaker system

Missiles - Markazhan

This manual contains important operating and safety instructions, as with any precision instrument, it will provide care and maintenance

Decent for this product

Onix years of dependable service. Please review this guide before using the product and improve your experience

As with any precision speaker system, the actual listening environment will affect the overall sound that can be achieved

Original sound quality in almost any listening room Speaker placement tends to emphasize the low frequency range. Therefore, introduce the speaker To achieve the effect of your individual preference, the walls opposite the speakers should be covered with a soft, sound-absorbing material like curtains that are the ends of the speakers

red) and black) and are specifically designed for positive contact with the speaker wire. speaker to ensure that the speakers

working in phase

Color coded and marked

with a mound of insulation and insert the wire by pushing the appropriate device down 74 Make the connection by stripping the molwan

120.75 SAR 157.32 SAR
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