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دفاية زيت دوتس 15 شمعة، من 2800 واط، 3 إعدادات للحرارة، ابيض - OH-15F01

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368 SAR 690 SAR
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Dots Oil Heater, 15 Candles, 2800 Watts, 3 Heat Settings, White - OH-15F01

Dots Oil Heater 15 Candles

Brand: Dots

Model: OH-15F01

Type: oil heater

15 candles

Power: 2800W

3 heat settings

the color is white

Features :

Get complete heating with the distinctive Dots heater, which operates at a power of 2500 watts, in addition to being equipped with 3 heating modes with the availability of 13 blades for more heating inside the place.

368 SAR 690 SAR
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