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Gas oven 60 cm model K-MESO60GG

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1,610 SAR 1,955 SAR
VAT Inclusive

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Model: K-MESO60GG

60 cm gas oven

Size 60 cm

stainless steel

Gas oven + gas grill

auto ignition

4 Functions - Chicken Grill

Double layer glass door for safety and heat insulation

100% Italian Made

5 years warranty

Additional services: chicken grill + down operation + operation up + interior lighting

Gas Oven 60 cm

Model: K-MESO60GG

Size: 60cm

Stainless Steel

Gas Oven & Gas Grill

4 Functions – Chicken Grill

Electric Ignition

Double Glass Door for safety

Made in Italy 100%

5 Years Warranty

Additional: Chicken Grill+Gas Lower +Grill + Light

1,610 SAR 1,955 SAR
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