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Moulinex Super Duo Blender 700 Watts 2 Speeds 2 Liter White lm207128

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258.75 SAR 281.87 SAR
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Smart Blender - OR055SB


Technical information

Control panel: push button

timer: no

Technical characteristics

the color is white


See through glass: Yes

made in France

Power: 700W

Material: plastic

Pulse/vibration: Yes

Auto off: No

Number of blades: 4

Number of speeds: 2

Capacity: Liter: 2

Super Power Food Mixer

Enjoy preparing healthy fruit drinks, preparing sauces, crushing ice, all this and more that you can prepare with the amazing food blenders with powerful motors from the best world famous brands.

sturdy flask

It features a durable and sturdy heat-resistant jar, large capacity to mix more recipes and help prepare dishes at high speed.

stainless steel blades

You don't have to worry about your health when mixing food, the food mixers come equipped with very sharp stainless steel blades.

easy to use

All you have to do is put the vegetables or fruits you want to mix into the beaker, now you can control the degree of mixing

258.75 SAR 281.87 SAR
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