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Ham Stand Refrigerator Hot & Cold With Bottom Storage Cabinet LM-YL1-1169B

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460 SAR 488.75 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 3

for important brand

Version LM-YL1-1169B

color silver

Price 425.01

Stand type

Cold water capacity 3.2

Hot water capacity 1

Number of popsicles 2

cold - hot cold hot / cold

Device Warranty 2

industry china

Hot Water Faucet Safety Switch Yes

Additional description 2 liters of cooling capacity per hour - heating capacity of 5 liters per hour - lower storage tank capacity (10) liters - stainless steel water tank - high-efficiency compressor - dimensions: width 26 - depth 33 - height 100.5

Why do you prefer Ham 4.2 Liters Refrigerator - Stand - Hot/Cold - Silver?

stainless steel tank

stainless steel water tank

The refrigerator features a stainless steel water tank that will keep the water clean and cold to be fresh all the time.

clean water

Important refrigerator enables you to get a cup of pure, healthy and free of any impurities to maintain the health of your family

clean water

elegant design

elegant design

The refrigerator comes in an elegant style that gives an aesthetic touch and an attractive appearance, which makes it ideal for your home, workplace or office.

hot and cold water

You can get a cup of healthy water at the temperature you want, as the water cooler comes with a hot and cold system.

460 SAR 488.75 SAR
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