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Luna Electric Oven 100 Liter Capacity 2800 Watt Black LEO-100RL

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499 SAR 575 SAR
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Luna Electric Oven, 100 Liter, 2800 Watt - LEO-100RL

Brand: Luna

Model: LEO-100RL

Type: electric oven

Capacity: 100 liters

Power: 2800 watts

Suitable for cooking all kinds of food

Features :

The Luna Electric Oven has a built in timer function that allows you to set it to your desired cooking time. With this, you no longer have to stay ahead or keep going back to your oven to check if what you're cooking is cooked or not, you can just set the timer and let it go, giving you more time for another.

Luna oven offers you risk-free cooking with all the complete safety options on the oven that give you high efficiency and safety during use.

Available color design adds zest and elegance to your modern kitchen. Add a distinctive masterpiece to your distinctive kitchen.

499 SAR 575 SAR
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