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Hyper Jano Stand Mixer From Al Saif Company, Large 7 Liter - JN1209

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Re-create your home recipes with the Alsaif Jano Hyper Stand Mixer. You can experiment with different food recipes with this innovative food processor, and bake recipes in the heart of your home. The Jano Hyper Blender features a 7.0L stainless steel bowl, which enables you to prepare a large amount of cookies or a large amount of dessert for the whole family. Includes three distinct, removable mincers with dough hook, whisk and egg beater, great for cooking delicious meals and desserts.

Safe and easy to use design

The Jano Hyper Blender also features six levels for mixing a variety of ingredients, depending on their texture and quantity. Plus, it's supported by non-slip feet, which keep the blender stable while grinding coarse materials or when operating at high blending speeds.

Multipurpose use

The mixer includes three types of detachable mincers, including a whisk, beater and dough hook. This allows you to take care of preparing a variety of meals throughout the day, from breakfast to snacks.

the description:

  • Power consumption: 1200W
  • Model Number: JN1209
  • Type : Mini Food Processor
  • Brand: JANO
  • Material: stainless steel

390 SAR 494.50 SAR
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