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HWM12000 . HWM12000 . Double Tub Washing Machine 12 Kg

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899 SAR 1,253.50 SAR
VAT Inclusive

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Brand important

Version HWM12000-21N

the color is white

Dimensions W*D*H (cm) 90.2 * 53.7 * 97.4

Motor Warranty 2

type two basins

Size (kilo) 12

Additional Description 2 washing levels (Normal/Heavy) - Air dry - Transparent cover - Wash time up to 15 minutes - Spin time up to 5 minutes - Magical filter to collect impurities - Arabic English control panel - Water inlet

Energy Efficiency Level E

Device Warranty 2

industry china

899 SAR 1,253.50 SAR
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1 year ago

هل لديكم توصيل وفي كم يوم يوصل


General Agent Center Store

1 year ago

يوجد توصيل لجميع مناطق المملكه عن طريق شركة ارمكس او سمسا

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