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Impex Home Theater HT5105

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Take your home entertainment experience to another level with the Impex 5.1 Channel Home Theater System - HT-5105. It provides high quality dynamic sound for your home cinema experience. The system is equipped with 6.5inch speakers to deliver high quality sound, keeping you engaged for the perfect gaming experience. The five speakers will also give you the possibility to enjoy your favorite movie with realistic surround sound. In addition to Bluetooth and USB connectivity, you can connect the system to your smartphone, iPod and other multimedia devices. It also comes with FM radio, so you can enjoy double the benefit of the system. The home theater system delivers 110W of power output to enjoy crystal clear sound for every note in the song. The system is available in a sleek, slim design in black to enhance the aesthetic of your modern home décor. In addition to the cordless design, you can avoid the mess of tangled wires from showing up unpleasantly. You can also navigate between playlists and choose from different sound modes for music thanks to the large and beautiful LED screen. The system is equipped with a suite of advanced technologies to deliver immersive, high-quality studio sound and an immersive listening experience.

powerful headphones:

The speakers of the Impex Home Theater System are available with a long pivot to provide realistic surround sound. It also comes with full controllers on the floor stand to enjoy perfect surround sound. The 6.5inch speakers will help you create theatrical sound experience for every beat.

Seamless connection:

The USB and Bluetooth connectivity of the Impex system will enable you to connect it with various multimedia devices. In addition to the easy connectivity that enables you to connect it to your laptop, TV, smartphone, flash drive and many more. Which makes it an elegant and perfect choice to have in your home.

Attractive and useful design:

The Impex 5.1 Channel Home Theater System is available in a stylish black finish to match any modern décor. In addition, the cordless design avoids the mess of tangled wires. You can also navigate between playlists and choose from different sound modes for music thanks to the brilliant LED display. The powerful sound system perfectly combines elegance and utility.

Information on Impex 5.1 Channel Home Speaker System (HT 5105):


Product Code 614304

Model HT 5105


5.1 channel speakers

USB drive type

FM Radio

Wireless connection

Bluetooth Connectivity USB, USB

Number of SD memory card slots available

575 SAR 690 SAR
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