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FLEXY® Germany 2.1 Channel 5000W PMPO Home Theater System with Remote Control, Bluetooth, USB/Card and FM Radio

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FLEXY Home Theater System 5000W PMPO Channel With Remote Control Bluetooth USB Card FM Radio

A good set of 2.1 speakers will sound distinct even when you first listen. The flexible design allows for a truly rich sound from the inside, and it has clear sound and is suitable for smaller spaces. With high-quality components, it's a system that doesn't lack in quality or sound - it has everything you need for a cinema-quality thrill.

Sleek and Attractive Exterior: This stylish sound system takes your home entertainment space to the next level with its sleek, sleek and polished exterior. Designed to perfectly complement your home décor.

Built-in Equalizer: A built-in equalizer lets you enjoy rich, realistic 3D sound for your music and movies.

Subwoofers: This speaker system is designed for a home theater experience within your living space, providing you with a powerful ultrasonic subwoofer accompanied by five satellite speakers.

All Audio Formats: This speaker system supports various audio formats like mp3, mp4, etc. allowing you to play the music in your playlist easily and conveniently. You can use Bluetooth or other connections such as USB or SD card to play your music in our speaker.

276 SAR 460 SAR
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