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Geepas GFWM1090SCS Washing Machine 9 KG Silver

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Basic Features:

  • 1. Child Lock - The washing machine has taken safety measures as young children get curious about their surroundings and try to explore. But your device has a child lock button which deactivates all buttons.

  • 2. Built-in Auto Unbalance Correction - For this washing machine, there is no need to check the water level. Simply insert the clothes and select the start button, it will automatically correct the water level and work according to the number of clothes.

  • 3. HIGH QUALITY LED DISPLAY - Comes with a highly sensitive and responsive LED display with all the features in this handy to use.

  • 4. DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL DRUM - The washing machine drum is made of heavy duty stainless steel, so no bacteria, no germs, and is completely rust resistant by nature.

  • 5. 10kg capacity is ideal for larger households with a high-quality drain outlet - this washing machine comes with a massive 10kg capacity which will be enough for your clothes for one week. Easy to use, one-time use, flexible and durable plastic drain outlet, wipes with detergent water without any problem.

  • 6. Provides Gentle Fabric Care - This washing machine saves time by providing more movement, better fabric care, and quick and clean wash technology.

product specification :

  • Manufacturer Number: GFWM1090SCS
  • Brand: Geepas
  • Classification: FullyAuto

1,380 SAR 1,725 SAR
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