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Gree window air conditioner 18 thousand units - cold

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Specifications of Gree Window Air Conditioner 18,000 BTU Cold:

  • just cold
  • Actual capacity: 18200 units
  • fresh cool air
  • self diagnosis
  • Auto restart
  • Compact and exquisite design
  • Washable and removable mesh
  • High quality filter to remove dust
  • Quiet sleep mode
  • quiet operation

Why buy Gree window air conditioner 18 thousand units - cold?

Gives you a perfect atmosphere

Gives you a perfect atmosphere

A running window air conditioner that achieves a high degree of luxury for you, enjoying clean and fresh air, ideally distributed in all corners of the room, to give you the perfect atmosphere that you always want

fast cooling

The capacity of 18000 units for the air conditioner is able to change the atmosphere of your home to a wonderful atmosphere full of freshness and cool air circulating everywhere, so enjoy the coolness of winter and forget the heat of summer

fast cooling

Environmentally safe

Energy saving

The type of gas that the air conditioner uses for cooling does not cause any harm to the environment or your health, and the air conditioner is energy-saving, so its use preserves your environment and preserves you

Stylish compact design

When you own this air conditioner, you have a product with various advantages. It has an interior design that consists of solid materials designed in a way that does not make you feel the sound of the air conditioner and a fan with multiple directions, in addition to a simple elegant exterior design

1,399 SAR 1,769.85 SAR
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