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Electric Insect Killer 6 Watts GBK1149 Black / Blue Color

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80.50 SAR 195.50 SAR
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  • A product that features precise technology that helps make your work easier
  • It has a compact structure for easy portability
  • It has a durable exterior design that withstands extensive use
  • The lamp beads are neatly arranged in the UV lamp tube
  • It comes with an input voltage from 220 to 240 volts


Black/blue color name

The energy used is electric

The installation is fixed on the table top

Model Number GBK1149

Wattage 6 Watt

GEEPAS Electric Insect Killer | Mosquito Killer, 6 Watts, GBK1149, Black

80.50 SAR 195.50 SAR
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