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مصيدة حشرات 40w من جيباس - GBK1135

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138 SAR 195.50 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Remained 4

Key Features

  • It is exceptionally safe and secure for use around the home as well as in hospitals
  • Ultraviolet lamps that attract all annoying flying insects
  • Suitable for home, office and hospital use
  • Equipped with precise technology that helps facilitate your work
  • A product designed to kill flies, mosquitoes and insects in the home


Color Name White/Black/Blue

The energy used is electric

The installation is fixed on the table top

Model Number GBK1135

Product height 10.8 cm

Product length 66.5 cm

Product width/depth 36 cm

Wattage 40 Watt

138 SAR 195.50 SAR
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