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Moulinex FP827E10 Double Force Multifunction Robot Silver + 10 Arrows

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the main points

  • whisk / whisk, knead, emulsify, chop, chop / finely chop, mince meat, grate, mix, prepare smoothies
  • Standard capacity 3 liters
  • Dimensions lxhxp 28 x 40 x 23 cm - 6,53 kg
  • +: DoubleForce is your multifunctional robot for shredding, chopping, chopping, kneading, whisking, and more.

Choose this product for what uses?

Perfect for: To prepare ingredients for sweet and savory recipes.

Its purpose: whisking / whisking, kneading, emulsifying, chopping, chopping / chopping finely, chopping meat, grating, mixing, preparing juices

Total Capacity: Standard Capacity 3 Liters

Preparation functions

Whisk / Whisk: Yes, ideal for snow white, whipped cream, pancake batter.

Knead: Yes, to prepare dough for bread and broken pizza.

Emulsifier: Yes, to prepare mayonnaise, sauces.

Slice: Yes, cut the vegetables into slices or slices.

Finely chop/chop: Yes, to prepare the tartar, chop the garlic and herbs.

Meat mincing: Yes, to prepare meat by mincing

Grate: Yes, for carrots, Gruyere.

Blender: Yes for preparing chole, soups.

Prepare juices: Yes, a juicer for fruits and vegetables.

Cooking food: no

The number of bowls and their capacities

Total capacity of main bowl: Standard capacity 3 liters

Main bowl material: BPA-free plastic


Engine type: classic

Watts: 1000 Watt

Number of gears: 2

Pulse button: Yes, allows acceleration on demand, ideal for crushing ice cubes, and preparing smoothies with frozen fruits

Body material: ABS high-strength plastic

Weight: 6.53 kg

Screen: touch

Information and services

Availability of spare parts (supplier data): for 10 years from the date of purchase

Warranty: 2 years

made in China

632.50 SAR 805 SAR
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