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Citrus Juicer 200 Watt With Stainless Steel Case And Filter 1.36 kg 200 Watt FCJ6021C Silver

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115 SAR 402.50 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Centrifugal juicer made of food grade 304 stainless steel, sharp anti-rust blade and micro filter, which is healthier than other juicers, can extract up to 25% of juice and 37% of vitamins and minerals

2 speed modes "low speed" (12,000-15,000 rpm): suitable for orange, melon, wheatgrass, spinach and other soft fruits and vegetables; "High Speed" (15,000-18,000 rpm): Suitable for apples, carrots, celery sticks, beets and other hard fruits and vegetables

After 5 minutes working, please cool it down for 10 minutes before using it; If you forget the overload and overheat protection, it will automatically start to stop the juicer to protect the motor to extend the service life of the product

Easy to handle installation, removal, use and cleaning at the same time Anti-drip design prevents juice from spilling Equipped with 1500ml fruit dross collecting cup and 500ml juice cup and cleaning brush for easy use and cleaning

German Technology: The Flexi German Citrus Press is designed in Germany and manufactured using the highest quality standards


Capacity 1.36 kg

color name silver

The energy used is electric

new class

Standalone installation

The material is stainless steel

Model Name FCJ6021C

Model Number FCJ6021C

Wattage 200 Watt

115 SAR 402.50 SAR
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