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Spray fan 16 inch 3 screen speeds with remote control 2 liters 75 watts 130 cm E05900


390 SAR 524.40 SAR
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16 inch mist fan 3 screen speeds with remote 2.2 liter 75 watt height 130 cm that provides superior air flow and makes you feel cool all summer

Cool the room when temperatures rise in the summer with the E05900 16 inch Stand Fan with Remote Control. This 16 inch fan has 3 blades that rotate using a 75W motor that gives you better air circulation than conventional three blade fans. This fan enables you to You can adjust the speed according to your need as it offers you three speed settings. The fan has a wide oscillation of 90 degrees to make sure that air reaches all corners of the room evenly and consistently. You can also adjust the height of this fan to get more personal comfort.

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390 SAR 524.40 SAR
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