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ATC Smart TV 65 Inch, 4K UHD Android, LED, Black, E-LD-65UHD

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1,899 SAR 2,228.70 SAR
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Get the best home entertainment experience with ATC TV This technology brings a whole new world of entertainment to your home, making it more convenient and enjoyable to enjoy different content at home. It improves image detail and color reproduction to achieve "true" image quality to heighten your emotion. Enjoy the best screens from ATC, which attracts you to the world of high-quality audio and video clips.

The higher the resolution, the higher the resolution of the image. Protected by HD TV which means you will get 4X the clarity.

Watch your favorite content in the best natural colors and get the most vibrant viewing experience.

With the LED backlight, you can enjoy low power consumption and beautiful lines with high brightness, amazing contrast.

  • Brand: ATC
  • Model Number: E-LD-65UHD
  • HDTV: Yes
  • Display type: flat screen
  • HD Type: 4K Ultra HD
  • Categories: Smart TV
  • Android system 7 - 8 GB RAM 1 GB
  • Screen Resolution: 3840x2160
  • Remote control: Yes
  • black color
  • USB: 1
  • HDMI: 2
  • computer input
  • Play audio, video and photo files

1,899 SAR 2,228.70 SAR
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