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Electric Deep Fryer 2000W 816102004 Silver/Black

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179 SAR 230 SAR
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Koolen Oil Fryer 3 Liter

Colin Koolen Qlaiah oil from Colin known for high strength and efficiency are the optimal choice in terms of quality and design features that a modern elegance and novelty , which fits and keep pace with decorative kitchen and will be a pillar within your kitchen .. your cooking in your home guarantee for your health

Product Description

  • Stainless steel oil pan
  • Perfect for frying and browning
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Stainless steel body
  • Precise adjustable thermostat
  • Basket with removable handle
  • Safety cover while roasting
  • Temperature control from 80 to 190 degrees

Product details

Capacity 3 liters

Watt 2000

Voltage 220~240

50~60 Hz

2 years warranty

179 SAR 230 SAR
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